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Big Stone Lake Fishing Reports

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Big Stone Lake - Tuesday, August 21, 2012
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just wondering if anybody has any info on how the perch bite is going. thanks!
Big Stone Lake - Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What a beautiful weekend! It was great to see so many out just enjoying
the lake and all it has to offer the last couple of days. It was super to
have such mild temperatures and no wind after a previous week of windy

The fishing was great for some and some pulled zeros, but the weather
made it so enjoyable that no one really cared. Those that did well worked
the dirty water on the north and south ends of Big Stone Lake. One boat
had their limit in just two hours Saturday morning...they stated the bite
started at 10:30 a.m. and ended at 12:30 p.m. Another boat got their
limit pulling spinners around Goose Isle. Others caught a walleye
or two, some white bass, largemouth bass and even a perch or two in the
mix. The walleye coming in are running in the 17 to 18 inch class.

Everything was thrown at the fish to entice a bite...jigs and minnows, bobbers
with leeches or crawlers, trolling with spinners and crawlers or casting some wind
blown points. The most consistent comment is the walleye do not appear eager to bite. They were observed following the
bait up to the boat, but not taking the hook. Many fishermen stated that
they really had to slow their presentation down and wait for the bite to happen.
And seeking out dirty (or stirred up) water was the key to their success.

Shoreline fishermen have been reporting some nice catches, but because of the
clarity of the water, the bite is not happening until after sunset or just before
sunrise. Next week promises some consistent warm weather, this should warm up
the water and give anglers a chance to set the hook on some nice fish.

Schmidts Landing Resort

Big Stone Lake - Sunday, May 6, 2012
 Despite wet and soggy weather, anglers are getting their limit of walleye on Big Stone Lake. The weather is keeping most fishermen on shore in the late afternoon and early evening hours with minnows on a bobber or crappie rig.

Those braving the elements and getting their boats out on the water have been rewarded as well. A fishing league held last Wednesday evening reported the best catches in league history with a 5 fish basket weighing just over 12 pounds in only 3 hours of fishing.

Friday our guide boat went out about 1 p.m. and was back by 3 p.m. with a two person limit of walleye all just under the 20 inch mark.

Saturday there was a tournament hosted on Big Stone and again there were many fish caught with the winning team weighing 5 fish for almost 13 pounds. We also noted that of the 37 boat field only three teams zeroed, every other team had at least 3 and many had 5!

In summary, now is the time to set the hook on Big Stone Lake. The spawn as finished and the male walleye are on the bite! Shallow water is still a key, but a variety of methods seem to be working. Again, shoreline fishing has been good as well as pulling spinners and crawlers, jigging with minnows or casting crankbaits. Location as varied as much as the anglers...the only constant is shallow water!

There have also been reports of largemouth bass around the islands, northerns in the Goose Isle area and a few white bass in the mix as well. Now is the time to hit the water!
Schmidts Landing Resort

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Big Stone Lake - Sunday, April 29, 2012
Last week started out great with several blue bird days for those
anglers seeking some fish. Catching was slow until later in the week
when some wind breaking gave a little "walleye chop" to the lake and
anglers reported getting some nice fish in the 17-19" class close
to shore and off wind blown points.

By Friday, just in time for the weekend, our weather changed with winds
in the 30 mph plus range, a significant drop in temperature and rain. Anglers
in the area pre-fishing for a local one day tournament did not spend much
time on the water.

Saturday's weather did not change and the tournament fishermen had to
deal with high winds, cold temperatures and rain. However, several teams
were still able to boat some walleye. Congratulations to Tom Sangren and
Troy Marco on their 5 fish weighing in at 12.10 pounds.

Recreational fishermen that went out Saturday afternoon, after the winds went
down, reported catching a couple of walleye. One boat had a 26 inch they released
and a 19 inch. A second boat had a couple of walleye and a 12 inch perch. The
favorite method was jigs and minnows, pitching into the rocks along the shorelines
or rocky points.

The weekend was truly a test of wills...and mother nature won, this time! As
the weather turns into a more May pattern, the walleye will definitely spawned
out and the fish will move out into the 5-7 foot range making trolling easier and
setting the hook less of a challenge.

Schmidts Landing

Big Stone Lake - Tuesday, April 24, 2012
The border water opener started out a little soggy for anglers with rain right away on Saturday morning and high winds later in the on the opener has always been a challenge for fishermen.

The hardy fishermen were rewarded with some nice walleye in the 15-19 inch class! There were several limits caught with reports of a lot of misses. A majority of the walleye were caught early during the rain, once the sun broke out, the fishing shut off. Once the wind machine kicked in many got off the water by late afternoon. One angler took advantage of the westerly wind and launched from Hiawatha Beach, slide down the shore line and got two walleye right away. A couple boats opted to find a nice point, anchor up and throw out slip bobbers with good success.

The favorite spots appeared to be all on the north side of the lake...Smiley Face, Linden Beach, below Hartford Beach and then up to Hiawatha. Jigs, jigs, jigs tipped with a minnow was the favorite bait, however, a few stated a leech worked for them. As predicted the walleyes that were caught were the males in the shallow shorelines. There were no large females seen this past weekend.

Sunday morning cloud cover and the wind speed up to 20 mph will have many anglers eager to get on the water to set the hook on another limit. This resort has plenty of rooms available for the next few get your fishing buddy and get in on the action.

See you on the lake,
Schmidts Landing Resort

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Big Stone Lake - Wednesday, April 11, 2012
Anglers are getting very anxious for the walleye season opener on Big Stone Lake coming April 21st to the border waters of SD/MN.

Water temperatures are in the high 40s to low 50s. With the extreme winds in the area the past few days, the lake should be crystal clear. The spawn should be well underway or done. This will set the stage for a great season opener and usher in spring.

There has been a few fishermen trying for perch with limited success. We have not seen any boating activity on the lake...yet! Most are waiting for the walleye, largemouth bass and northern season to open to set the hook. Local resorts, bait shops, gas stations and restaurants are also shaking off winter and getting ready for spring.

Schmidts Landing

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Schmidt's Landing at Big Stone Lake
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Big Stone Lake - Monday, April 2, 2012
Everything is shaping up nicely for a great walleye season opener on April 21st. The water temperature is hovering around 48 degrees, the water level is normal and there is even reports of some crappie and perch biting!

Folks getting their lake cabins ready for the season have been wetting a line and reporting some catches of perch and a few crappie on the south end of the lake. With the walleye, largemouth bass and northern season closed...this is a nice bonus with the early spring.

If the weather pattern holds, the conditions should be great for setting the hook on April 21st! See you on the lake...
Schmidts Landing

Big Stone Lake - Monday, October 31, 2011
The fishing activity on Big Stone Lake has ground down to almost a standstill. As stated last week many avid sportsmen are hunters as well as anglers and have put the rods away to pull out the shotguns. Therefore, traffic has really dropped off.

There are a few die hards out there and there remains a few perch to catch and a random walleye to net. But for many the fishing will wait until hard water or early next spring.

Until then, this reporter is putting away the typewriter for a few months until the fishing activity starts up again. In the meantime, watch for us at your neighborhood sport show or follow us on Facebook/SchmidtsLanding for any of the latest lake news. We will always be eager to share some "setting the hook" techniques or just talk fishing!
Schmidts Landing

Big Stone Lake - Monday, October 24, 2011
Looking outside it is hard to believe it is October 23rd already. Mother Nature has sure been teasing us with beautiful fall weather. Anglers and hunters alike are really enjoying the mild temperatures and consistent weather pattern.

Those sportsmen that are not busy chasing down the wiley pheasant or searching for some early season waterfowl must be working the lakes. We continue to see some fishing activity on Big Stone Lake. The anglers that are braving the cool morning temperatures and shorter days are still being rewarded with some very nice perch.

The perch seem to have moved just off the shoreline into the first break in the lake structure. The dock fishermen report not doing as well as in previous weeks and the anglers sitting in 10-13 feet of water a doing better.

Unfortunately, our walleye bite is still not here! A rumor of a few now and then, but nothing consistent to report and no size either. With the abundance of forage in the lake, they must not be willing to bite on a crawler or minnow when there is plenty of other "natural" things to eat.

As October draws to a close, more and more private cabin owners are pulling in docks and getting ready for hard water. Those that just won't let the fishing season come to an end are setting the hook and hoping for an excellent winter season.

Schmidts Landing

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Big Stone Lake - Monday, October 17, 2011
And we are STILL catching perch! It has been a truly amazing 3 months of
fishing on Big Stone Lake. The perch bite just goes on and on! Despite the
changing weather, anglers are still able to put together some nice nets
of very decent fish in the 9-11 inch class and even some pushing the 14 inch

Once again, we can only direct you to the traditional perch fishing spots...
thou we are hearing comments that the perch have moved into shallow water
with the cooler temperatures. The dock fishermen can testify to this...there
have been a lot less boats on the water as anglers are just sitting on their docks
in the late afternoon and evening and getting their fish.

We are starting to see a few walleyes mixed in with the perch. With the change
in the predominant wind direction (from south to north), a few anglers have started
casting points with shad raps to net a walleye. They are still a little disappointed
in the number of walleye seen, but the quality is definitely there.

Opening pheasant season has caused many avid sportsmen to put their fishing
poles away and dig out the guns. But now is the time of year to take advantage
of both sports by setting the hook on some fish and bagging a few birds all in the
same day!
Schmidts Landing

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Schmidt's Landing at Big Stone Lake
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Big Stone Lake - Monday, October 10, 2011
By mid-October several hunting seasons have started and
private cabin owners start the process of winterizing their
properties. Therefore, the boating traffic has slowed tremendously
this past week. That has not stopped the perch bite however!

Despite the warm and windy days last week, the perch have
remained a constant in the lake. Anglers that do take the time
to get on the water have been rewarded with an abundance of
perch. Dock fishermen have been loving the bite! It makes it
very easy to enjoy some dock time when they are actually fish
to be caught and nice ones too!

This past weekend the few boats that were out remained in the
popular perch spots: GrapeVine, BayView, Smiley Face, Windmill
Reef and near SoDak Supper Club. Docks along the SD shoreline
up and down from Schmidt's Landing have been reporting an
excellent bite, especially late afternoon and evening.

Walleyes are still few and far between. The ones that do get caught
appear to be very fat! A sign that they have plenty to eat and are
not interested in what anglers throw at them. It is getting to that
time of year when casting windblown points or sitting along the shoreline
late in the evening will allow anglers to set the hook and some dandy
fall walleye.

Schmidts Landing

Big Stone Lake - Monday, October 3, 2011
 Perch is still the main fish of action on Big Stone Lake. After two
months of consistent bite, they still remain the easiest thing to
catch on the lake.

We have had a few windier days this past week which slows the
boating activity, but those that are getting out are still reporting
some very nice, quality limits of perch. A few bluegill, crappie and
walleye are in the mix as well.

The traditional "perch" spots are still all very good places to start:
GrapeVine, BayView, Smiley Face, Windmill Reef, Kasuske's Landing,
SoDak (both MN and SD sides). The quality of perch depends on the
angler. Many are sorting the abundant number of fish and keeping those
that are 9 and 1/2 or 10 inches long or longer as keepers. Some are
keeping whatever ends up on the hook and the sizes vary.

Bait of choice has been predominantly minnows. Still selling some crawlers
and spikes, but appears the old adage "bigger bait, bigger fish" rings
true for most anglers. Keep the presentation simple, a hook with some
split shot about a foot above the hook, is as easy as it gets. When the
water gets very calm, then put on your favorite jigging spoon, lure or
jig and got after them.

October is here and the weather forecast sounds warm and consistent.
An excellent opportunity to set the hook on some great fall fishing or
compliment it with a hunting trip to the area!
Schmidts Landing

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Big Stone Lake - Monday, September 19, 2011
The weather definitely made a turn to more fall like temperatures this
past week on Big Stone Lake. There was even frost on the ground
early Wednesday morning. However, this did not slow the perch
bite down at all!

We are still seeing an abundance of nice perch, bluegill and even some
crappie coming in. Anglers say there is a wide variety of sizes out there
and most have opted to sort to keep perch that are 9 1/2 inchs or longer
in their live wells.

All the "perch" spots are still kicking out some fish, it is just a matter of
the time of day to pin down. GrapeVine, BayView, Bucks Point, Windmill
Reef, Rocky Ledge, SoDak seem to be the favorite locations.
The bite seems a little later in the morning after
the water surface has warmed by the sun. The water temperature has
dropped to 62 degrees.

Despite a windy weekend, anglers were still able to get on the bite and even
heard of a few walleye mixed in there, an 18 incher and a 17 incher.

Dock fishermen are still reporting good activity as well. This seems to be more
of a late morning, afternoon and evening thing...but it still worth sitting in one
spot and waiting of the fish of choice to set the hook.

It is expected that the bite will continue and we hope to see even more walleye
as the water temperatures continue to drop with the cooler evenings and less
day light hours.
Schmidts Landing
Big Stone Lake - Monday, September 12, 2011
The perch bite has been fantastic the last two weeks on Big Stone Lake! The number of boats on the lake over Labor Day weekend got a photo shot on the front page of the local newspaper. It has been great to be able to report the abundance of activity and catches of these panfish.

The bite has remained strong and anglers are finding perch from Goose Isle all along
the SD shoreline up past SoDak Supper Club. There have even been reports of activity on the MN side near Poverty Point and the old Mallard Pointe. A lot of perch are running the 6-7 inch range, but fishermen have been also getting plenty in the 8-9 inch class and even some hitting the 11-12 inch class.

Anglers are throwing everything at these biters. Spikes seems the favorite bait of choice, but there is a large number of anglers that prefer pieces of nightcrawler or the traditional crappie minnow as well. The most consistent information seems to be to get your bait on
the bottom or near the bottom and let the fish take it. No excessive tackle, no excessive jigging...just let the fish take the bait.

Amongst the perch we are also seeing a good number of bluegill, crappie and rock bass! This has been a great bonus to those that have limited out on perch and still want to fish.

Walleye anglers there is some hope! We are seeing a few more walleyes coming in this past week also. One fisherman was able to net an 18 inch, 16 inch and a 14 incher while fishing for perch. As the night time temperatures drop, so will the water temperature and setting the hook on those fall walleye will return.

Schmidts Landing

Big Stone Lake - Sunday, September 4, 2011
The fishing remains strong on Big Stone Lake with an abundance
of perch, small white bass, blue gill and even an occasional crappie
in the net.

Anglers are takinga advantage of the late August/early September
temperatures and hitting the lake with vengence. The fishing activity
has been all over the lake including off many of the shoreline docks.
Favorite locations this past week have been Grapevine, BayView,
Shady Beach, Hartford Beach, and SoDak Shores. We are confident
that there are many other locations to anchor up and do some light
jigging for a great bite.

Yesterday, September 3, everyone was blown off the lake due to winds
up to 30 mph. Today and the rest of the week sounds like consistent
weather is in making for setting the hook on some more great catches.
Schmidts Landing

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