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Lake Oahe, South Dakota Fishing Reports

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Lake Oahe, Missouri River - Monday, June 29, 2015
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 Fished Mobridge area south of Highway 12 bridge and had some amazing fishing.  Caught our 4 person limits both days in 10 fow using lindy and crawlers...leeches were also good.  
Lake Oahe, Missouri River - Saturday, June 27, 2015
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 Fished mobridge hard Thursday Friday and today. Caught several dink eyes and sheepshead.   the fish were soft and smelly. Reminded me of my old lady. Saw captain raghead and spicy slug muscle in a few dink catfish. Time to lube the reels and hang it up Til the fall bite 
Lake Oahe, Missouri River - Thursday, June 25, 2015
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Went to Mobridge. Scouted Mobridge to 10 miles south.  Marked very few fish.  Only caught sub 10 inch walleye. Not sure what happened to all the eyes.  We left and went elsewhere.
Lake Oahe, Missouri River - Saturday, June 13, 2015
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 Headed out for the first time out of Cow Creek and into Okoboji Creek.  I would say the action wasn't hot, but good.  Talked yo a lot of people who said that the walleye were tough to come by, which they were.  We ended up getting 6 nice fish plus caught 5 or 6 dinks, a few smallies, and couple channel cats.  The walleye were really healthy and looked amazing compared to the walleyes we have been catching at Orman.  No big fish, but a good 17" avg.  Dragging bouncers with spinners and slow death hooks in 12'-20' with a crawler.
Lake Oahe, Missouri River - Thursday, June 18, 2015
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Fished out of Swan Creek,Akaska area today.Got a late start.Fished points on the west shore of Oahe south of the mouth of the Moreau River.It was slow for my wife and I.We caught fish in 10 to 11 feet of water.The walleyes seemed scattered,we couldn't find a concentration of fish.I marked a lot of fish between 20 and 30 feet but couldn't make them bite.Bouncers,spinners,crawlers and leeches.
  The flies were terrible.
Lake Oahe, Missouri River - Friday, May 22, 2015
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Fishing Report Lakes Oahe/Sharpe Pierre area for May 14th thru May 21th 2015

I guided the Tom Gilbert Group from Michigan, then the Cooper Group from the Des Moines area and Bill Hilbert and his friend Tim from Kansas over the last 7 days. We fished both at West Bend on Sharpe for walleye/smallmouth and on Oahe for northern/catfish. We caught the fish at west bend mostly on either flicker shad plugs or bouncer/minnows in 8 fow or less and we caught the catfish/northern in 5 fow or less on slip bobbers/smelt in the back of creeks/bays. The last trip I guided we caught more northern than the previous trips along with around 25 nice catfish average. There are a lot of boats in the Bend area and the bite there is mostly good for walleye and smallmouth however numbers of under 15 inch fish are being released to get limits. From the bad river down to the bend the water is still too muddy to do much. Walleye fishing on Oahe around Pierre is still slow but temps are coming up so the bite should get better with every warm day.

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Lake Oahe, Missouri River - Friday, May 15, 2015
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Fishing Report Lakes Oahe/Sharpe Pierre area for May 11th thru the 13th 2015

Weather kept most boats home on Sunday and Monday with rain/wind. It also has the bad river running muddy water into Sharpe making the fishing around Pierre limited to fishing from the Bad to the dam and catches there probably average 2 to 4 fish a boat so traveling down to West Bend or going on Oahe are the best choices until the river clears up. I guided repeat customers Marvin and Audrey Finn from Sundance Wy for one day at West Bend getting limits of both walleye and smallmouth bass and one day in wind conditions on Oahe to two dozen catfish and a real nice 20 lb northern pike and another smaller northern. We caught the fish at West Bend/Sharpe in 5 fow to 7 fow on minnow/bouncer combo's and pulling flicker shad plugs. The Northern/ Catfish came on smelt/slip bobbers in 2 fow to 5 fow. in the back of bays/creeks on Oahe. The bite on both Oahe and Sharpe is going especially when spring weather is good. I would say it is adequate but not on fire. Crawlers work but minnow/gulp/trolling plugs still my choice of bait. Looks like some rain in the forecast for the weekend and we need it but if you are headed over to our area probably better bring rain gear. One more time on the new regs. Remember to drain live wells/boats before you leave fish cleaning/boat ramps. For more info on this new reg geared toward stopping invasive species check out the GF&P's website for a look at what is required.


Lake Oahe, Missouri River - Sunday, May 10, 2015
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Fishing Report Lakes/Oahe/Sharpe Pierre area for May 6th thru the 10th 2015

The fish are biting and so is the weather summing up this report before I even write it. Over the years I have always used catfish/northern fishing as an alternative to bad weather so you are going to see some catfish pictures in this report as we have had a lot of real nasty weather days. I guided repeat customer Ken Johnson and his wife to a real nice bunch of catfish and 2 northern pike. We were trying to get Ken a 20 lb. plus northern to mount but it didn't happen. Had a great time guiding them in not so nice weather that did not improve for a one day trip with Dan Casey from Rapid City and his nice two boys so we went back out in 20 to 30 mph winds/Rain catching lots of catfish for the kids but no big northern. The next day They caught walleye and a few bass down at the bend on Sharpe with NE John. I guided repeat customer Doug Kelling and his friend Colin Comer from around KC for a one day catch of 12 nice walleye and some smallmouth bass and then the weather turned bad again. Yup, catfishing in big wind sleet snow and rain. A couple of great guys that showed up without fishing partner Doug Hays this year due to some issues however we managed to have a great time in spite of really challenging weather. We caught the walleye/smallmouth at West bend on Sharpe with spinner /minnow/bouncer rigs and casting plugs/jigs in around 5 to 8 fow and we caught the catfish/northern in the back of bays/creeks in around 2 to 4 fow on slip bobber's smelt. Water temps are in the 50's on Sharpe and approaching that on Oahe. Oahe's bite is starting to go for fishermen that know the spawning area's and are willing to cast shallow. The best catch's are coming shallow with boats that are fishing deeper for the most part catching fewer limits. I love the Spring fishing but crossing your finger's for those great spring days doesn't hurt as every day brings a different set of conditions. It has always surprised me how many times I have taken folks out on catfish trips as an alternative to setting in the cabin and find out the next year even if the weather is good they still want to catch a batch of these catfish. They are good eating, outfight a lot of species, under fished (no limit on Oahe) and a completely different experience. If you find yourself here in some of this no fish weather days you might give these guys a go and find out it can be a hoot and a real surprise in a frying pan. If you fished with corks when you were a kid like I did it can also bring back a lot of memories. Remember to drain live wells/ boats before leaving fish clean area's to comply with new regs.


Lake Oahe, Missouri River - Tuesday, May 5, 2015
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Lakes Oahe/Sharpe Pierre area fishing report for May 3rd 4th and 5th 2014

We have had some calm days and some wind days but all in all the fish are going on Sharpe and starting to go on Oahe. The spawn seems to be almost over on Sharpe and this means you can catch fish shallow or out to 15 to 20 fow. It makes finding the fish harder because they are scattered, however the fish are biting (especially the male walleye and smallmouth bass) when you locate them. Oahe fish are behind Sharpe due to a little colder water in our area but the spawn is going here also and fishermen in the know are taking limits. The bait of choice is still jigs/minnows/gulp however pulling plugs on windy days can be productive. I haven't tried crawlers yet but suspect that they are working as water temps in shallow water on Sharpe is in the high 50's with most water on Oahe in the high 40's to low 50's. I guided a nice couple from Omaha traveling from a Hills trip to limits of nice walleye and some white bass fishing down river from Pierre and then took repeat customer's Jerry Fennell friend Bill with Dave Spaid guiding the rest of the crew to nice possession limits of walleye and bass. Day one we caught the fish shallow from 3 fow to 10 fow on reel bait flasher jigs/gulp or bouncer/ minnow rigs. Day two because of 25 mph wind we pulled flicker shad plugs in around 6 to 8 fow down at the bend. Just a great bunch of guys from Colorado, KC, Omaha and Wisconsin that come for a old school get together every year and we all have a great time, guides included. Spring is here and the fishing is starting to go on both lakes. I will mention again for new readers 2015 new fishing regs require you to pull live well and boat plugs before you leave the fish cleaning areas were you are fish so if you are unfamiliar with this new regulation check out the GF&P'S website for a complete list of the new law.


Lake Oahe, Missouri River - Sunday, May 3, 2015
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Lakes Oahe/Sharpe Pierre area fishing report for April 23rd to May 2nd 2015

I have been getting in late so have got behind on these reports but will try to get them on line now about every 3 days. Fishing has been spotty up till May but we have been putting limits in the boat recently so I will call the bite much better especially on the lower end of Sharpe. Catfish/Northern mostly on Oahe however water temps coming up so this bite is right on the edge of going. I guided Mark Engel the Johnson group from around Rapid and then the Mike Austin group from Denver with limited results but getting full possession limit's at the bend on Sharpe for the Austin group. The bite at the bend is everywhere from 3 fow to 20 fow as the spawn is about over. We caught all of our walleye /bass in less than 5 fow fishing gravel/shale spots with either minnows or gulp the last to days but fishermen were catching them out to 20 fow. Water temps on Sharpe are in the 50's at the bend and high 40s around Pierre were the bite is good for some and not so good for others as the key is running across a spawning female with a lot on males around. Pitching /dragging jig the best choice but bottom bouncer/minnows work some. On Sharpe I look for crawlers to come into play soon. Smallmouth fishing is excellent on Sharpe also. Remember to drain live well/boats when you leave fish cleaning or ramp area's to comply with the new reg's.


Lake Oahe, Missouri River - Thursday, April 30, 2015
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Walleye fishing remains excellent right now on the Missouri River near Bismarck.  Target the 6 to 10 foot depth with jigs and minnows, or plastics such as berkley gulp.  Many limits of Walleyes are getting caught at most areas of the river.  I have personally used most ramps in the area and have not had a problem catching a limits.  Fish are also getting caught on crankbaits but I haven't been doing much myself.  

The annual Big Muddy Fishing tournament is this weekend so the Missouri River will be busy on Saturday.  Good luck to all the Fishermen and women this weekend and be careful!
Lake Oahe, Missouri River - Wednesday, April 22, 2015
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Lakes Oahe/Sharpe Pierre area fishing report for April 19th thru the 22nd 2015

Lots of wind days so cross your fingers if you are heading over to our area. The fishing is just starting especially when you can land on those spring days with favorable weather. I took a couple of rancher's from around Alliance fishing for northern/catfish on Lake Oahe in 20 to 25 mph winds. Gary Taylor and his friend Mark topped their catch off with one northern pike around 18 to 19 lbs. along with a couple of smaller northern and a nice pile of channel catfish averaging around 3 lbs. for some nice meals back in Nebraska. We caught these fish on smelt/slip bobbers in 3 fow in the back of two creeks both with running water .Haven't heard of much of a bite for walleye yet on the big lake but Lake Sharpe east of Pierre all the way down to west bend is starting to go with some walleye limits coming in along with some smallmouth bass. Around Pierre expect to have to throw a lot of 14 incher's back to work you way to a limit. Water temps in the high 40's to low 50's are getting the fish moving around. Jigs/minnows are the bait of choice however bottom bouncer/minnows will catch fish also along with pulling shallow running plugs. For the most part target 6 fow or less .Remember to pull the plugs on live wells and boats before you leave. You can trailer to fish cleaning places nearest the boat ramp but after that new regulations call for draining live wells and boats. Check out GFPS site for more detailed info on this if you are not familiar with the new regulations designed to prevent movement of invasive species.

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Lake Oahe, Missouri River - Sunday, April 19, 2015
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Lakes Oahe/Sharpe Pierre area fishing report for April 16th thru the 19th 2015

Spring has arrived and as usual spring weather brings really nice days along with the wind on many and rain .I fished repeat customers the TCW engineering group of guys from North Platte NE. ramrodded by Tom Weblow for two beautiful weather days and then rain on the third day. A great bunch of guys and we had a great time. We fished the West Bend area on Sharpe and got fish but due to a lot of to dirty water ( stirred by 50 mile per hour on previous day) we had to work for the fish with limited success. The best day was day two with 23 total fish. We caught these fish shallow on reel bait flasher jigs tipped with minnows in 5 fow or less around know spawning area's .I would say the bite is going on Sharpe when weather conditions are right. Oahe is going okay for northern/catfish but still early for the walleye/bass. Willie Gloe had his annual Northern tournament with 41 teams and a 18 lb. fish was the largest with most teams catching fish in the rain on Sat. Walleye catch's along with salmon reports are for the most part not good on the big lake but with warm weather things should improve on a daily basis. We are probably a couple of weeks away from real good reports on Oahe in the Pierre area so Lake Sharpe is the best choice for walleye/ smallmouth fishing around Pierre right now. For the Northern /catfish head for Oahe and best bet are pike rigs/smelt in shallow warmer water in the back of bays or creeks.


Lake Oahe, Missouri River - Wednesday, April 15, 2015
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Lakes Oahe/Sharpe Pierre area fishing report for April 12th thru the 15th

Wind pretty much sums up the last few days. It has been keeping all but the die hard fishermen home getting boats ready. There has been a bite for walleye on Sharpe for those going out but for the most part a lot of 14 inch males being caught so I would call the bite both here and on the first 25 miles of Oahe spotty and just a little early. Northern/catfish are just starting to go and if this weather stays around a good alternative choice to fish and stay out of the wind. I went out with a couple of friends of mine Jim and Bernie Weaver from Rapid City in 40 mph winds and with taking that factor in did ok catching maybe 10 channel cats and 3 northern pike with one 10 to 12 lb. fish the largest. We caught these fish on smelt/slip bobbers in shallow warm water. Big Bend on Sharpe is starting to have some action on both smallmouth and walleye and a week of warm weather should get things moving. I heard there is a bite going at Mobridge and Pierre is usually a little behind because of the lake warming up due to shallower water north of us. I will be on the water the next three days and will put out a more detailed report after that. It is great to see spring come so we can start to spend more time outdoors (fishing).

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Lake Oahe, Missouri River - Monday, April 13, 2015
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Great day of fishing. A 18 pounder and 26 pounder caught above the dam on 4-11-15. These two boys will always remember this great day they had.
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