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Northeast SD Fishing

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I am going to school in Wahpeton, ND and would like to find some places to fish in SD. It seems most of the ND lakes in my area are fished out because everyone feels they need to keep their limit every time out. I thought about getting a Minnesota license but since they have a season I wouldn't have much time to fish over there.

I know how it is not wanting to tell people about your hotspots, but I am from Montana and plan on going back there after school so I will likely never fish over here again. I am usually a catch and release fisherman, but once in a while I will keep a couple for a meal.

Since I'm a college student I kind of have a limited budget so I wanted to find some places to go before I spend the $60. I like to fish for any species as long as it's biting. If anyone could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated. Please post back or PM me.
Re: Northeast SD Fishing
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 There is an absolute ton of places to fish around the Webster area - some of the best ice fishing to be had is in the glacial lakes region.  Dig into old South Dakota Game and Fish stocking reports and see what lakes have been stocked in the past 10 years.  Get some decent maps and go fishing.  There are alot of hidded treasures in that neck of the woods.  But, it sounds like Waubay has been good as well as Bitter Lake.  Call some of the bait shops as well.  They're usually pretty good about putting a guy on some fish. Give these guys a shout -

Re: Northeast SD Fishing
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Location: ND

I have a couple friends that live down in Bismarck and they have been hitting up some lakes in that area.  I will see if they will say which ones.  One thing is for sure the Glacial area lakes sure punch out some nice perch and walleyes.  Enough so I start to think I better make some travel down that way sometime.  You being in Whapeton have a pretty sweet opportunity to take advantage of South Dakota's best ice fishing in the glacial area.

For the heck of it I went to the South Dakota Stocking Reports:

Kirsch's Outdoor Products | Fargo, ND | 701-261-9017 Garmin GPS Hunting Maps
Liebel's Guide Service | Williston, ND | 701-770-6746
Jig-em-Up Guide Service | Grand Forks, ND | 701-739-9198

Re: Northeast SD Fishing
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Lots of places to go. We've been doing well on Reetz Lake for jumbo perch, as well as some smaller sloughs in the area. Some of my favorites are Waubay and Opitz Lake. Roy Lake and Clear Lake are great for bass. Pickeral Lake has a great crappie bite on it as well. Bitter lake can be hot too for perch and walleyes. I've had great luck on Antelope Lake just south of Webster also.

Lots of guys fish the highway grade from shore near Roslyn and catch some big eyes in the spring.

Good reports can be had from this place.

Re: Northeast SD Fishing
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Location: ND
 Try PMn the Bustin Eyes Guys.  I think they're fishing that area pretty strong right now and might give you a few pointers as well. Worth a shot. 
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